Slackware 10 2 kernel version for android

Getting slackware arm on the toshiba ac100 also know as. Which is a good os for android development, linux or. Im working with a custom made image of slackware arm 14. That was the easiest and smoothest major upgrade in about fifteen years. Default user interface cli license gnu general public license. News and feature lists of linux and bsd distributions. Do i need to create a new initrd for the new kernel version. Run your slackware system with the latest available kernel 4. A new linux kernel update with various bugfixes and security updates has been released for slackware linux. Slackware does not apply patches to any of the software in its package repository, nor the kernel.

For those of us whove been with slackware for a long time, we know its not common to receive a completely new kernel version. If so, would it just be the same command i ran during the first install. New kernel packages are available for slackware 14. The official release of slackware linux by patrick volkerding is an.

The system has been giving me issues with network since installation. Read about my androidx86 systems nougat, marshmallow, lollipop and. This article give you ten 10 reasons to choose slackware. If you started using gnulinux in the last 10 years or so, theres a. Slackware this forum is for the discussion of slackware linux. In 19 releases, only 10 of them saw kernel upgrades, and of those 10, only 5 were completely new versions.

Slackware release announcement the slackware linux project. Max pro m2 kernel deadlycute android 9 only quantumkiller android 10 only versi. I found this version of slackware to be pretty much what i expected in the fundamental areas. Androidx86, antix, apodio, arch, archbang, archlabs, archman, archstrike, arcolinux, artix. Softpedia has been informed today, march 17, 2016, by gnulinux developer arne exton about the immediate availability of a custom compiled linux 4. Sommige applicaties crashten zonder enige aanwijsbare reden, waarvoor hij. Volkerding also maintains a testingdevelopmental version of slackware called current that can be used for a more bleeding edge configuration.

They were the only 2 distros you got with the linux bible book at the. By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our. Slacklog is an app for android devices that helps you to check if updates are available for current slackware linux. Special kernels were prepared to support hardware such as scsi controllers, usb keyboards and mice, parallelport ide devices, ibm ps 2 machines with the microchannel bus, and even speech synthesizers providing access to. New features in version 160203 of slackex i have replaced kernel 4. The version on the second slackware disk, is a practically ignored version of gnome. Official website, slackware is a linux distribution created by patrick volkerding in 1993. Here are some of the advanced features of slackware 10. It would presumably be possible though not sensible to implement vmware or virtualbox on an androidx86 host, however anyone assuming that this would allow them to run vista. Description new kernel packages are available for slackware 14.

Weve brought together the best of these and other modern components and worked our magic on them. Slackware puts out a new release once or maybe twice a year if the community is lucky, so when they do release a new version. Getting slackware arm on the toshiba ac100 also know as the dynabook az. There is a version of android which has been ported to intel x86. And have you noticed that everyone who replies starts out by explaining that android runs on a linux. Its just that on a stable release, pat does not commonly update the kernel.

Slackware is the first widelyused linux system, which is still developing. In my first kernel compiling experiences i still missed some points i believe some newcomers may miss to successfully compiling their new kernel. X since about 3 years and now needed to upgrade kernel for cdcacm driver and watchdog. Gnulinux developer arne exton released this past weekend a new custom kernel for slackware and slackwarebased distributions, based on the recently released linux 4. There is also apparently an option for local version suffix creation within the make menuconfig process beginning with kernel 2. I have compiled a very useful as i think 64 bit kernel for slackware current 14. This way, specific rc files for different kernels can be present, allowing an optimal tuning for your system. And at the same time we will patch it with the bootsplash patch. Distrowatch includes a quick howto on how to update your slackware 10 to use a newer kernel. For just pure development it doesnt matter which os you choose. We are not going in to details of kernel compilation here, you can find excellent tutorial available out there.

When choosing a distribution of linux, you should consider. Synopsis the remote slackware host is missing a security update. Exprogrammer, exeditor in chief at, now a visual artistfilmmaker. With the death of one of my harddrives the other night and the resulting loss of 10.

I have intel wirelessac 9560 wifi card, which works fine in windows 10, as expected, but isnt working heck, isnt even showing up in slackware when i type iwconfig or ifconfig. Run your slackware installation with the latest kernel 4. I want to make 100% sure if it is linux kernel or android, of an embeded device if you think that android is linux, please dont join this post. Install to hard drive the system can easily be installed to hard drive during a live session using a refracta installer. Following a long period of planning, development, and testing, the slackware linux project is proud to announce the latest stable release of the longest running distribution of the linux operating system, slackware version 14. A new kernel update is available for slackware linux 14. If youve used slackware before, youll find the system feels like home. It is possible to select current or stable version check to support 32 bit, 64 bit and arm arch. This was big news and headlined many sites as well as being announced on distrowatch with the links to download torrents. A problem with using the same version source repeatedly is that modules are installed according to kernel version numbers. The older the fiddle the sweeter the tune or as we say in sweden. This is a detailed guide to compiling a new kernel version 2. You can code just as well in linux, windows or mac since they all run the jdk, eclipse and the android sdk just as well.

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